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Alone With Other People

SiAlone with Other People’ (CCM, 2013) de Gabby Bess (EEUU, 1992) tuviera algún tipo de sinopsis o de resumen en la contraportada, no podría ser otro más que este fragmento del mismo:

“Paige thought that, almost by design, it is hard not to feel alienated from another person no matter what and that, she thought, is what makes relationships so difficult. A human brain is encased in a skull and each human exists in separate body so it seems like there is always going to be a feeling of disconect; one human will never completely understand what another human is thinking or feeling”.

Porque su intimísimo e inteligente libro de debut no lo componen un puñado de poemas e historias cortas (a veces rozando el ensayo) sobre estar/sentirse solo sino sobre saber que no tiene solución.

“Okay, what do you fear the most?“

«Feeling alone and alienated for my entire life.”

Aunque, al menos, nos quede estar juntos estando solos.

“I want to make it love: a concrete feeling

of lying side by side,

not touching

but knowing that you are there as I am alone”,

Como cuando leemos a Gabby.

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